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The mustard oil expeller is a small hydraulic oil press with simple operation, high oil output rate and less replacement of wearing parts. It is an advanced equipment for manual operation of replacing small grinding sesame oil.

The mustard oil expeller directly presses the oil after the hot frying into the oil press barrel of the fully mustard oil expeller. The mustard oil expeller has simple and fast process, and is especially suitable for users in sesame and peanut producing areas. The mustard oil expeller is mainly composed of a plunger, a hydraulic cylinder, a column, a movable top, a base, a work table, a barrel, a heating ring, a fixed sleeve, a fuel tank and the like. The materials of the fully mustard oil expeller are made of high-quality metal materials, which improves the machine performance and guarantees the service life of the components.

Performance and characteristics of fully mustard oil expeller:

1. The mustard oil expeller adopts the automatic control system, with the button, the electrical components are controlled centrally, the pressing process is fully automated, and the pressing time is shortened from the original 1 hour 30 minutes to 40-50 minutes, achieving a single squeeze and greatly improving Work efficiency.

2. The hydraulic system of the mustard oil expeller adopts the internationally advanced superimposed valve plate structure, with beautiful layout, large flow, small pressure loss, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

3, mustard oil expeller is small in size, large capacity of the barrel and equipped with pre-pressure cylinder, more loading, large processing capacity; less floor space, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, no special requirements for operators.

4. The mustard oil expeller belongs to the hydraulic machine with high pressure, high oil yield and good oil quality.

5. The mustard oil expeller adopts the precision rod narrow-gap barrel structure, which has smooth oil output, improves the oil output rate, smooth the inner wall and greatly improves the utilization rate of the filter cloth.

6. The main components of the mustard oil expeller adopt imported high-quality steel, equipped with CNC precision lathe and modern high-tech processing. The whole machine has good performance.

mustard oil expeller safety technology and maintenance:

1. In order to ensure the safety of the mustard oil expeller electrical system, grounding protection measures must be taken.

2. The hydraulic system of the automatic hydraulic press is an ultra-high pressure level with a pressure of 55 MPa. Do not use overpressure! It is forbidden to arbitrarily adjust and dismantle!

3. If the pressure gauge of the automatic hydraulic press is not working or the damage is not allowed, it is strictly forbidden to start production, and then replace the new pressure gauge and then turn it on.

4. The mustard oil expeller is not allowed to overhaul the machine during high pressure and pressure keeping.

5. In the process of using the automatic hydraulic press, please operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

6. After the oil is fried, the soot must be drained. Otherwise, the gas explosion will occur when the automatic hydraulic press presses the oil. In severe cases, it will hurt people.

7. After the oil is drained, the cake should be discharged immediately. Otherwise, the gas explosion will occur if the time is too long.

8. If the oil line of the mustard oil expeller is clogged, use a thin blade or a sewing needle to clean the scraping in time.

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