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Heavy Duty industrial Commercial microwave oven

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Microwave is electromagnetic wave at frequency of 300Mhz to 300Ghz. Water molecular in the heated products are polar molecular. Its polarity changes when its external electric field changes under affection of the fast change high-frequency electromagnetic field. Thus it cause the movement and friction between molecular. At this moment, the energy of microwave field is converted to thermal energy inside the products. Thus temperature of products increase and causes drying processes like heating and inflating.

Features of Microwave Heating

1. Fast heating

It makes products as self-heating units,there is no heat transduction,so products could be heated in short time.

2. Uniform Heating

Microwave infiltrates products uniformly inside and outside to produce thermal energy. So it heats up unifromly and it will not cause problem of burn outside, but raw inside.

3. Energy saving

Products that contain moisture can be heated easily by absorbing microwave, so there is almost no waste beside a little bit in trasduction. It is high thermal efficient and energy saving. Compared to infrared radiation heating, it consumes less than 1/3 energy.

4. Sterilizing and Freshness Preservation:

Microwave heating can sterilize and be mould proof. Due to fast heating speed and shorting heating time, it well preserves the products’ activity, vitamin in the food, natural color and nutrtion.

5. Advanced Technology and Easy Operation:

Heating can be easily started and stopped by controlling microwave power. Human machine interface and PLC realize the programmable automatic heating technology.

6. Safe and Environmental

Small sized microwave grain dryer oven machinery

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